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Vidavivo your great experiences in Europe!

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Ugh, yet another travel blog. There is already a thousand of these out there, often to be very overwhelming and chaotic and riddled with Ads. Similar to going to a restaurant and having the waiter thrust upon you a lengthy, 10 page menu, leaving you with the daunting task to sift through the endless options. That is why I created Vidavivo:

I've always been a firm believer that the best dining experiences are found in restaurants with a compact, carefully chosen menu, where each dish is a recommendation from the chef. They've mastered these few items, putting their heart and soul into ensuring an unforgettable culinary journey for their patrons. This is precisely what my blog seeks to emulate.

In my travel chronicles, I won't bombard you with exhaustive lists for each city. Instead, I present a thoughtfully curated selection of memorable locations that I've had the privilege to discover during my own adventures. My blog is akin to a hand-picked menu of a city's delights, each place having stirred a sense of joy within me.

Under the Travel Destinations tab you can find the countries for which I have listed the cities I have visited on my travels. Each section consists of the following:


  • A map with ideal Airbnb and Nightlife zone, as well as markers for the places described in the following sections:

    • Restaurants, Cafés & Bars

    • Clubs

    • Great Spots to vibe

    • Activities a place offers

Each place has it's own perks and you might want to prioritize what attracts you over other options. If you have trouble deciding how to fill your itinerary look for the places with a colorful Rainbow background. Those were places I had great joy visiting and I cant recommend them enough.

Please get in touch with me through the feedback bar at the bottom if you have any thoughts or ideas:) I'm all ears for your experiences, feedback on my recommendations, and your personal narratives from the places you've visited.


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